Volunteer Opportunities

​Get Involved in Your Community!

Come join our volunteer team! Experience the Rewards! Volunteer! The City of Inglewood Parks, Recreation and Library Services Department views the involvement of volunteers as essential to the vision, spirit, and quality of life in Inglewood. Not only do volunteers provide invaluable support to Department staff, volunteers also bring new ideas, energy, and a community perspective to the decision-making process. The Department strives to involve community volunteers in park beautication, park planning, fundraising, special events, senior/community centers, recreational programming and internships. Volunteers contribute greatly by improving the safety, aesthetics, and natural values of the City's parks and enriching and expanding the recreation programs offered by the Department. The support given by volunteers to the parks and recreation facilities managed by the Department is essential to building healthy neighborhoods throughout the City. For more information and to apply contact: (310) 412-8750 to your favorite City program...

Volunteers must have ngerprint and tuberculoses (TB) test clearance.