Our Facilities

The City Service Center was built in 1971 on 9 acres, is the residence of the Police Department, Park and Recreation and the Public Works Department. More then 200 employees work at this facility performing the day-to-day operations that are needed.

The vehicular shop has 4 offices that are used by a Fleet Services Superintendent, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, Administrative Analyst and Administrative Specialist. The City owns and operates 530 vehicles/equipment that is maintained by 9 Mechanics and Custodial staff. Staff produces 250 work orders and 500 repairs each month.


All City vehicles/equipment are repaired and maintained at the Facility, the shop has 17 vehicle bays, 10 underground hoist and 3 above ground hoist and 4 bays without hoist, including a welding shop, small equipment shop and a parts room that stores over 600 lines of parts.


The Facility also stores 30,000 gallons of underground fuel for all City vehicles/equipment. The City is projected to complete the construction of a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station and of a new City owned automated car wash system.

On March 17, 2005, the City of Inglewood dedicated the new fueling infrastructure that was designed and built by Petroleum Engineering that replaced the fuel supplies and vapor lines, fuel dispenser pans, pumps, and update the existing Fuel Management and Monitoring System. The new fueling system keeps the City of Inglewood in compliance with State regulations, and enables the City to modernize the technology needed to manage its complex fuel system.

Car Wash Constructed for City Vehicles at Service Center

On March 17th, 2005, the City of Inglewood celebrated the Grand Opening of a new automated car wash system that is saving the City $25,000 each month. Located at the City Service Center at:
222 West Beach Avenue
Inglewood CA 90301