Alarm System Permit

Who Needs a City of Inglewood Alarm System Permit?

Any individual or business that has a functioning alarm system installed at their residence or place of business inside the City of Inglewood must obtain an Alarm System Permit.

Purpose of an Alarm System Permit

An Alarm System Permit gives Police and Emergency Personnel adequate contact telephone numbers in case of an emergency. It also gives the Police a list of responsible parties who can respond to the alarm location in the event of a break-in.

If a responsible party fails to respond to the location when requested to do so within 30 minutes of said request, the affected building will be boarded up at the applicants expense. The best way to avoid the expense of a board up service is to make sure that the Police have access to responsible parties who are willing to respond to the location.

Obtain an Alarm System Permit

To obtain a City of Inglewood Alarm System Permit:
Complete the Alarm System Permit Form (PDF) online, print it out and mail it with your total due to the following address.
City of Inglewood
Attention: Alarm Coordinator
1 Manchester Boulevard
1st Floor
P.O. Box 6500
Inglewood, CA 90312

If you need any assistance please contact our office at 310-412-5500.

If you wish to apply in person, our office hours are: Monday - Thursday from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Closed on alternating Fridays.

Starting Alarm System Permit Fee

Commercial and Residential permits have a fee of $53.

Annual Permits Renewal

Permit is renewed each calendar year. Commercial and Residential permits renewals are $16 per year.


Alarm System Permit Applications are processed through the Finance Department located inside City Hall on the first floor. The Alarm Coordinator is responsible for all matters involving permits, alarm service providers, and billing.