Sidewalk Repair

Permanent Repairs

Sidewalk repairs are completed on a request basis. When a request is received, the location is inspected to determine if grinding or patching can repair the sidewalk, or if removal and replacement is required. The following criteria is used to determine the action to be taken:
  • If the sidewalk is raised 1 inch or less, or if cracks are present, the location is scheduled for grinding, or patched with asphalt and brushed with a cement mixture (whatever procedure is most appropriate) as soon as possible. If the sidewalk is raised by roots from a parkway tree a request to root prune the tree will be forwarded to the Tree Section of the Recreation, Parks and Community Services Department. The corrective action serves as a permanent repair and no further action is necessary.
  • If the sidewalk is raised more than 1," a temporary asphalt patch is placed on the sidewalk as soon as possible and a cement mixture is brushed on the patch to help blend with the sidewalk. The location is placed on the Sidewalk Removal and Replacement list and is scheduled for repairs based on the date the request was received.
There is a waiting period of approximately 30 months from the time the request is received until permanent repairs are completed. In all cases, after the sidewalk has been inspected and the type of repair has been determined, the requester is informed of the action to be taken.

Repair Costs

The inspector also determines the party responsible for the repair cost per the following information:
  • Sidewalk damages caused by the City (parkway tree roots for example) will be paid for by the City.
  • Sidewalk damages caused by the property owner (roots from property owner's tree for example) will be paid by the affected owner. The owner can choose to have the work completed by the City, or have the repairs completed by a private contractor. A permit must be obtained from the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department if repairs are to be completed by contractor.
  • Minor height differentials or minor cracks on sidewalks will be milled to level, and will be patched, rather than replacing the sidewalk. There is no charge to the property owner for this type of repair.
  • The installation of sidewalks where none exist, the replacement of sidewalks damaged or off grade due to general deterioration and/or faulty installation (which is not the fault of either the owner of the property or the City of Inglewood) will be paid for on an equal share basis. In these instances, fifty percent will be paid by the City and fifty percent by the property owner. When necessary, such repairs are to be accomplished by the City under assessment proceedings.
  • Sidewalks will be installed at a 4-inch thickness.

Cost Estimate

The Inspector furnishes an estimate and a promissory note to the property owner. This will provide the property owner with the total cost calculated by the cost per square foot. Frequency of payment, amount, and date of payment will be agreed upon and entered as part of the promissory note. The property owner must contact the Finance Department at 310-412-5500 for terms and conditions. The note then becomes a legal binding contract between the City and the property owners. Once the promissory note has been signed and received by the City, the work will then be satisfied.