Vendor Bid List


The City has an agreement with PlanetBids to announce and distribute solicitations released by the Purchasing and Contract Services Division. To receive automatic announcements and to download solicitations from the City of Inglewood, at no cost, please register as a vendor on the City’s PlanetBids Portal.

Vendor Database

 The City of Inglewood Purchasing Division maintains a database of vendors for all types of commodities and services. If you would like to be added to this database, please contact the Purchasing Division at 310-412-5266, E-Mail or come in person to pick up a Vendor's Application Form, or download the application[BP1]  and Commodity Listing (XLS).

Management of the Database

 Being in the database does not guarantee that you will receive every solicitation. The number of potential bidders (there are over 12,000) sometimes require that the Purchasing Division request proposals on a rotational basis. Three non-responses by a vendor can lead to the removal of the vendor from the City's vendor list. While the Purchasing Division will make every effort to secure proposals from all potential bidders to participate in the formal bid process, it will be the responsibility of the vendor to obtain the proper bid package(s) and be aware of the City's purchasing and contracting opportunities. Bid opportunities are also available on the City’s PlanetBids portal

Additional Information

 Please read all bid packages carefully. All information submitted on the Proposal and Statement page will be firm and cannot be changed. Please make sure that you are in compliance with all requirements before responding. If there are any questions please contact the Purchasing Division. Please mail your proposal ahead of time. The City will not accept proposals by postmarks. They must be stamped in the appropriate location at the specified time and date.
 Any bids/proposals received after the time and/or date indicated will not be opened and will be considered non-responsive. Do not depend on the delivery of any mail carriers as they are sometimes late. If the proposal is delivered to the wrong office it will still be considered late and will not be accepted.

Pre-Bid Conferences

When necessary the City will conduct mandatory pre-bid conferences and job walks. Specifications will be explained in detail and the vendors will have the opportunity to ask questions concerning the bid or proposal. Potential bidders should review the bid packages prior to attending the pre-bid conference or job walk.

Important Note

 In accordance with the City's Policy, City employees are not entitled to nor will they accept gifts or gratuities from vendors. Vendors are expected to cooperate in this regard by not making any such offers to City employees.