City Treasurer Student Academy Program

Objective of the Program

City Treasurer Student Intern Program is a four week program. We will meet once weekly at the Office of the City Treasurer for a 2 hour period. The goal is to provide he student intern with an understanding of how their local elected officials represent their community and how the Office of City Treasurer functions and to communicate the following.

Overview of City Government

  • Mayor and City Council
  • City Treasurer
  • City Clerk
  • City Charter
  • Council Resolutions - Purpose
  • Council Ordinances - Purpose
  • City Department Tour

City Treasurer Responsibilities

  • Payment of all bills.
  • Appointment of deputies and responsibilities.
  • Investment of idle funds for:
    • City of Inglewood
    • Inglewood Redevelopment Agency
    • Inglewood Housing Authority
    • Inglewood Public Financing Authority
  • Treasurer Report Procedure for investment selection.
  • Investment policy.
  • Banking responsibilities
  • Committee responsibilities
  • Audit function
  • Map signing and purpose