Human Resources


It is the mission of the Human Resources (HR) Department to provide a highly-qualified, diverse workforce that supports the Mayor and City Council efforts to serve the residents, business owners and employees of Inglewood.

The HR Team is committed to implementing effective human resource programs and to be knowledgeable and helpful to those seeking our assistance in making Inglewood a positive and productive work environment based on Civil Service Merits and Equal Employment Opportunity Principles.

Department Responsibilities

The City of Inglewood's Human Resources Department oversees the City's centralized personnel and employee relations functions. The Human Resources (HR) staff manages human resources processes such as employee recruitment and selection, benefits administration, training and classification and compensation as well as all aspects of employee relations, including collective bargaining and contract administration and interpretation.

A comprehensive employee health and safety program, which includes managing workers' compensation claims and administering post-job offer medical exams, is also part of the Department.

Another key role HR plays in the organization is ensuring compliance with federal, state and local labor and employment laws and regulations, which includes responding to state and federal employment-related complaints.

Staff Member Responsibilities

Human Resources Department staff members respond to a wide variety of employee requests, ranging from questions about specific medical benefits to assistance with setting up deferred compensation accounts. The Department has an "open door" policy to encourage employees to come to staff with questions and concerns, with the goal of resolving issues before they have a chance to escalate.

Another focus is good employee relations and prevention of complaints through consistent application of policies and procedures, which staff members work to accomplish through training and individual coaching of supervisors and managers.


In tandem with its technical functions, the HR Department strives to enhance employee productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction and to partner with the City's elected and appointed officials to accomplish goals and objectives aimed at providing top-quality public services to the citizens of Inglewood.