Inglewood Issues

An Advocate for Environmental Justice

The City of Inglewood has forged a strong relationship with airport officials and we have been working diligently to obtain their assistance in resolving various issues. We have been negotiating with the airport's Executive Director, Lydia Kennard, in developing for the first time in our history, an agreement between the City and the airport that will address concerns raised by our residents.

As an "Advocate of Environmental Justice," the City of Inglewood, is seeking to eliminate the avigation easement, and other policies that lead to the inequitable implementation of sound mitigation measures throughout our community. Inequity has many faces as it pertains to airport operations.

In order to qualify for funding assistance, and participation in the city's Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSI), a property must be located within one of two noise contours, where aircraft noise levels are 65 db CNEL or above. The inequity resulting from adherence to this requirement is evident when one considers it is based upon data collected by the airport in 1992. To rectify this situation, the city has requested that the airport reduce the noise mitigation threshold level from 65 dB CNEL to 60 dB CNEL. This will substantially increase the number of property owners who will qualify for participation in the RSI Program.

As a means of expressing my concern for the inequitable burden placed upon the city by aircraft flights in excess of 1,000 daily, I have asked the Environmental Protection Agency to join forces with the Federal Aviation Administration, Los Angeles World Airports, and the South Coast Air Quality Management District in sponsoring a health study to examine the impact of noise and emissions from aircraft and motor vehicles on the residents of the city. The response by the EPA and all other agencies was very positive and the study is presently underway.

I sincerely believe that attainment of Environmental Justice requires the city, in conjunction with LAWA, to address the plight of residents living in Carlton Square. Carlton Square was built in 1984. The dwelling units located within this gated community were constructed in accordance with an Environmental Impact Report, and State Uniform Building Code Regulations that reduced the interior noise level of the units to 45 dB CNEL. The residents of Carlton Square have expressed concern about the sufficiency of existing noise mitigation measures. The insufficient protection against aircraft noise is most likely attributable to a change in flight patterns, as well as an increase in the number of flights over the city. I have requested LAWA to assist the city in re-testing homes located in Carlton Square. Should testing substantiate the existence of unacceptable noise levels, I will be asking LAWA to provide the City of Inglewood with the funds necessary to upgrade these units.

Environmental Justice dictates that neither the City of Inglewood, nor its resident's bear the financial or environmental burdens associated with aircraft operations. I am 100% opposed to any form of airport expansion, incremental or otherwise. As a means of mitigating the current damage inflicted upon the city, I fully intend to pursue plans to divert, or reroute a portion of the existing aircraft flights from the City of Inglewood.

I would like to hear from you on these issues, and welcome your telephone calls, or letters. The continuation of dialogue between the city and those impacted by airport operations is certain to bring about Environmental Justice for all!