Advisory Committees

  1. Beautification Advisory Committee

    This recently established committee is excited about implementing projects to beautify our City. They have toured major thoroughfares throughout the City and freeway gateways into the City and have an array of ideas on programs to make entering Inglewood aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Business Advisory Committee

    The Business Advisory Committee has been instrumental in helping the Mayor to better understand the needs of the business community.

  3. Citizens Advisory Committee

    The Citizens Advisory Committee notifies the Mayor of residential concerns throughout the City.

  4. Education Advisory Committee

    The Education Advisory Committee has heightened my awareness concerning our school system. The Mayor strongly support the efforts of the District to place a bond initiative on the ballot to build new schools and refurbish other schools. Both our children and our teachers deserve the best.

  5. Pastors Advisory Committee

    The Pastors Advisory Committee contributed to one of the best Dr. Martin Luther King Day celebrations held in Inglewood. Dr. King's legacy as a minister was celebrated and we held our first-ever Pastoral Pre-MLK Day luncheon.

  6. Safety Advisory Committee

    The Mayor's Committee has evaluated various safety concerns throughout the City, including sidewalk repairs, public safety matters, and related safety issues.

  7. Youth Advisory Committee

    This committee has kept the Mayor apprised of issues and concerns of our youth. The youth were instrumental in sharing their input in the development and coordination of the Senior Citizen/High School Senior luncheon.