Internal Affairs

About Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Division is staffed with three Sergeants and is under the direction of the Office of Chief of Police. The office handles personnel complaints, civil lawsuits involving police personnel and officer involved shooting investigations. They are also responsible for the Sergeant-at-Arms duties at the weekly City Council meetings.

In 2006, the Department investigated a total of 139 Internal Affairs complaints against officers and civilian employees. There were 90 "External" complaints that were initiated by citizens and 49 "Internal" complaints that were generated by the Department.

The Civilian Police Oversight Commission reviewed 86 of those Internal Affairs complaints.

Officer Involved Shooting Team

The Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) team is comprised of six (6) Sergeants who investigate Officer Involved Shootings. In 2006, year the Department investigated nine (9) Officer Involved Shootings with six (6) of those involving officers shooting dogs. The other three (3) Officer Involved Shootings resulted in no loss of life or serious injury.

Pitchness Motions

Internal Affairs Investigators spent a large amount of time responding to Pitchess Motions (when defendants in criminal proceedings request information about the arresting and/or investigating officers), as well as all of the civil claims that are filed against the Department. Almost all of the civil cases have pre-trial discovery investigations with attorneys for upcoming trials.