Patrol Bureau

Patrol is the largest Bureau in the Inglewood Police Department.  The Bureau provides a full range of emergency and non-emergency services to the city 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

The Bureau is commanded by a Captain and each watch is commanded by a Lieutenant.  The city has been drawn into four geographical beats and each beat has an assigned Lieutenant.  

Please consider your Beat Lieutenant or the Patrol Bureau Adjutant to be your direct point of contact (310-412-5210) for issues in your neighborhood.  

  • Beat 1 • Lieutenant Birkbeck 
  • Beat 2 • Lieutenant Figueroa
  • Beat 3 • Lieutenant Meeks  
  • Beat 4 • Lieutenant Aguilar 

Beat Area Commanders 

  1. Hurt

    Cardell Hurt

    Captain/Patrol Bureau

  1. Brett

    Brett Birkbeck

    Lieutenant/Beat 1

  1. Figueroa

    Oswald Figueroa

    Lieutenant/Beat 2

  1. Meeks

    Geoffrey Meeks

    Lieutenant/Beat 3

  1. Aguilar

    Marvin Aguilar

    Lieutenant/Beat 4