1. GIS

    Learn about what the GIS mapping looks like and find their contact information.

  2. Maintenance & Repairs

    This section responds to requests regarding the repair of potholes in streets and alleys and general maintenance and repair of streets, slurry seal, sidewalk, curb and gutter, and drive approach installation.

  3. Permits

    Permits are issued by Engineering Division staff at the public counter on the 3rd Floor in City Hall. For information or to schedule an appointment with a permit engineer, please call 310-412-5333.

  4. Shopping Cart Removal (PDF)

    Find out which services will collect shopping carts around the city.

  5. Street & Sidewalk Repair

    Responds to requests regarding storm drain and catch basin cleaning, overflowing sewer lines, tree roots in sewer lines, street sweeping schedules, sweeping complaints, large discarded items in parkways, and debris in the roadway or alleys.