Parking Enforcement

About Parking Enforcement

Serco provides daily parking enforcement and traffic control services to the City of Inglewood.   

Personnel / Responsibilities

Twenty two crossing guards are also assigned to the Parking Enforcement Unit. Crossing guards are responsible for assisting pedestrians walk safely across various designated crosswalks throughout the City of Inglewood.


The Division works to accomplish the following two goals.
  • Orderly flow of traffic through the city.
  • Prevention of traffic collisions.


The division personnel work to complete the following.
  • Investigate 12,000 traffic collisions per year. A report must be taken when (1) one or more vehicles are towed, (2) one or more persons are injured, (3) the collision involves city property or any other governmental agency.
  • Write 20,000 citations annually.
  • Answer 9,000 radio calls per year.
  • Provide public education.
  • Attend Neighborhood Watch block club meetings.