Traffic Unit

About the Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit of the Inglewood Police Department is located within the Office of Special Enforcement. The Traffic Unit is commanded by a Lieutenant. Sworn personnel include one Sergeant, four Motor Officers, two Accident Investigation Officers, and one Traffic Detective.

Every day, over 200,000 vehicles travel the 185 miles of streets in our City, which requires a carefully designed traffic plan and selective enforcement efforts to guarantee maximum public safety.

Traffic Unit Statistics

The Traffic Unit does the following each year.
  • Investigates over 5,000 traffic collisions. A report must be taken when one or more persons are injured, or the collision involves city property or any other governmental agency.
  • Write 20,000 citations annually.
  • Answer 9,000 radio calls per year.
  • Conduct sobriety and driver's license checkpoints.
  • Conduct pedestrian safety operations.
  • Provide public education including citizen academies.
  • Attend Neighborhood Watch block club meetings.
  • Commercial enforcement operations.
  • Child safety seat inspections.
  • Photo Enforcement Program.


One of the goals of the Traffic Unit is to reduce the number of traffic collisions and fatalities through enforcement activities.

Lead Causes of Traffic Collisions

  • Driving Under-the-influence
  • Pedestrian
  • Right of Way
  • Speed
  • Unsafe Turns
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