For more information about our programs, contact Community Affairs at 310-412-5530.

Alert SouthBay

Thirteen South Bay cities have established an alert and warning notification system as part of an integrated, interoperable regional platform. The Alert SouthBay, emergency notification system aims to keep communities informed about disasters and major emergencies via SMS (text), email, phone, landline, as well as other means of communication. 

Business Watch

Business Watch is similar to Neighborhood Watch, encourages business merchants to organize and look after one another and actively participate in crime prevention strategies.

Community Police Academy 

The Community Police Academy started in 1993, is a 10-week program designed to familiarize Inglewood residents and merchants with the inner workings of the Police Department. Many of the graduates go on to be volunteers for the Police Department.

Community Resource Brochure

This brochure has been designed to provide local resources for our citizens.  Click here to view the brochure.  

Citizen Police Volunteer Program

Recruits Inglewood residents, especially from the Citizen Police Academy, to perform non-hazardous duties within the Police Department and assist with various programs.

Explorer Post Program (Post 651)

Recruits boys and girls between 14 and 17 years of age. The Explorer Academy is a 10-week curriculum that promotes good citizenship and interest in a law enforcement career. For More information, visit the Youth Program Page.

Inglewood Police Activities League (IPAL)

The Inglewood Police Activities League (IPAL) is a non-profit corporation that builds partnerships between youth, police and the community through recreational, athletic and educational programs that recruits boys and girls between 12 and 14 years of age. The IPAL Academy is a 10-week curriculum that promotes character building activities under the guidance and constructive influence of law enforcement officers and other adult role models. 


Kidsafe is a program providing parents with standardized personal safety documents (fingerprint cards, a photo, a medical profile) for their children. The purpose of the program is to educate families about child safety and provide a tool in helping to recover a missing child.

Neighborhood Watch (Block Clubs)

Neighborhood Watch (Block Clubs) is the primary component of crime prevention strategies. Neighbors are encouraged to organize and to look after one another. Block clubs are formed as a mechanism which permits residents to actively participate in safeguarding their neighborhoods.

OfferUp Community MeetUp Spot

OfferUp and the Inglewood Police Department are working together to support local buyers, sellers and the community.

OfferUp and the Inglewood Police Department are working together to support local buyers, sellers and the community. The Inglewood Police Department has set up its designated Internet Purchase Exchange Location as a place for buyers and sellers to meet.  

Police Cadets

The Police Cadets program recruits youths between ages 18 and 23 for a 20-hour week while attending college and an interest in law enforcement career.

Police Chaplain Volunteer Program

Police Chaplain Volunteer Program recruits Inglewood ministers of all faiths to work with law enforcement and the community as trained professionals to assist in times of loss, depression, grief and crisis situations.

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