Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau includes:
  • Investigations 
  • Crime Analysis
  • Forensic Services

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is divided into Crimes Against Persons and Crimes Against Property. The Crimes Against Persons Division includes homicide, robbery, assaults, and child abuse. The Crimes Against Property Division includes burglary, theft, fraud, and forgery. The detectives conduct preliminary and follow up investigations and obtain evidence leading to the apprehension and prosecution of adult and juvenile offenders.

Forensic Services

The Forensic Services Section collects, preserves and analyzes evidence to be used in connection with the investigation of criminal cases, which includes documentation of crime scenes, reconstruction of crimes and identification of perpetrators.

Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Analysis Unit is responsible for statistical reports, producing informational flyers regarding crime alert information for our citizens and recognizing trends in crime patterns to better assist our patrol deployment.