About the Narcotics Section

The Narcotics Section's mission is to enhance the quality of life in Inglewood through the reduction of narcotics activity which occurs in the community. To reach this goal, Narcotics Detectives conduct investigations which may involve the use of undercover officers, covert surveillance tactics and other creative enforcement measures.

Major narcotics trafficking organizations which transport large quantities of narcotics into and out of Inglewood are targeted.

Street Dealers

Street dealers are also a big concern to the citizens of Inglewood. The Narcotics Section, in conjunction with other enforcement groups such as the Department's Special Enforcement Team (SET), are committed to identifying and apprehending criminals who are providing narcotics and other dangerous drugs to the community.

How to Report Suspected Narcotics Activity in Your Neighborhood

For activity that is non emergent but occurring right now, please call the Inglewood Police Department's Communication Section at phone number 310-412-8771.

To report any other problem, call the Narcotics Section at 310-412-5528. All information is kept confidential, and can be left anonymously.

There is a 24 hour, anonymous hotline the Department maintains for all crime related matters. You can call this number by dialing 888-41-CRIME (888-412-7463).

What Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs Look Like

Drugs come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. The Narconon website can help you identify the kinds of drugs you may encounter in the community.