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Citizen Complaint Reporting Procedure

During this year, members of the Inglewood Police Department will arrest about 40,000 individuals on charges ranging from major felonies to minor traffic infractions. In addition, they will serve as arbitrators in thousands of other cases where they will be asked to resolve differences between individuals or groups. Many times, the decisions made by the officers will restrict freedom and liberty of individuals. Their actions may, at times, materially affect the course of people's lives.

The Inglewood Police Department fully realizes that police involvement in these complex and often emotionally charged situations may not always be fully acceptable to the involved parties. Even though each decision is made after carefully considering the facts available and the individual's rights, there will often be those who feel they have a just complaint.

The Inglewood Police Department recognizes its obligation to listen to these complaints and fully investigate any charges made against the Department or its officers. In keeping with this philosophy, we have an obligation to the community to provide them with a convenient system for registering their complaints. To assist the concerned citizen, we are outlining the complaint procedures with the hope that you never have to use them.

Additional Information

Any further information relative to the complaint process may be directed to Internal Affairs Division, 310-412-5318.