Boards & Commissions A - L

  1. Arts Commission

    The authorized role of the Arts Commission is that of voicing the needs and concerns of the community to the Parks, Recreation and Library Services Department, and the City Council.

  2. Aviation Commission

    The Aviation Commission is a five member body appointed by City of Inglewood City Council. The authorized roles is that of an advisory board to the City Council in matters pertaining to the operations of Los Angeles International Airport and the impacts of aviation on the Inglewood community.

  3. Beautification Advisory Committee

    This recently established committee is excited about implementing projects to beautify our City. They have toured major thoroughfares throughout the City and freeway gateways into the City and have an array of ideas on programs to make entering Inglewood aesthetically pleasing.

  4. Business Advisory Committee

    The Business Advisory Committee has been instrumental in helping the Mayor to better understand the needs of the business community.

  5. Citizen Police Oversight Commission

    The Citizen Police Oversight Commission was created by the City Council to provide a system for civilian oversight of allegations of police misconduct.

  6. Citizens Advisory Committee

    The Citizens Advisory Committee notifies the Mayor of residential concerns throughout the City.

  7. City Oversight Board

    Assembly Bill XI 26 calls for the creation of an Oversight Board for each Successor Agency, with the primary purpose of overseeing the activities of the Successor Agency.

  8. Civil Service Board of Review

    View agendas and minutes for meetings of the Civil Service Board of Review.

  9. Education Advisory Committee

    The Education Advisory Committee has heightened my awareness concerning our school system. The Mayor strongly support the efforts of the District to place a bond initiative on the ballot to build new schools and refurbish other schools. Both our children and our teachers deserve the best.

  10. Finance Authority

    The Inglewood Public Finance Authority is chaired by Mayor James T. Butts.

  11. Housing Authority

    Read through agendas and minutes for this authority.

  12. Investment Oversight Committee

    The purpose of the Investment Oversight Committee is to meet on a quarterly basis and discuss the Treasurer Reports for the City of Inglewood, Inglewood Redevelopment Agency, Inglewood Public Finance Authority, and Housing Authority.

  13. Library Board

    The Library Board’s duties and functions are "to act in a general advisory capacity to the City Council in all matters pertaining to the municipal library operation."