Boards & Commissions M - Z

  1. Parking & Traffic Commission

    Discover meeting times, district members and agendas and minutes for the Parking & Traffic Commission.

  2. Park & Recreation Commission

    The authorized role of the Parks and Recreation Commission is that of voicing the needs and concerns of the community to the Parks, Recreation and Library Services Department, and the City Council.

  3. Pastors Advisory Committee

    The Pastors Advisory Committee contributed to one of the best Dr. Martin Luther King Day celebrations held in Inglewood. Dr. King's legacy as a minister was celebrated and we held our first-ever Pastoral Pre-MLK Day luncheon.

  4. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission is appointed by the City Council and is tasked with taking action on discretionary matters related to land use.

  5. Safety Advisory Committee

    The Mayor's Committee has evaluated various safety concerns throughout the City, including sidewalk repairs, public safety matters, and related safety issues.

  6. Senior Center Advisory Committee

    On June 19, 2012, the City Council and the Successor Agency authorized moving forward with the Design-Build concept for the construction of the new Senior Center in the City of Inglewood. To keep the senior community and other stakeholders apprised of the project’s process and progress, the City Council and the Successor Agency authorized the formation of the Advisory Committee.

  7. South Bay Cities Service Council

    Find agendas for upcoming South Bay Cities Service Council meetings.

  8. Successor Agency

    The City of Inglewood (“City”) created the Agency in 1969 to exercise the powers granted by the Redevelopment Law.

  9. Youth Advisory Committee

    This committee has kept the Mayor apprised of issues and concerns of our youth. The youth were instrumental in sharing their input in the development and coordination of the Senior Citizen/High School Senior luncheon.