Taxi Coupon Vouchers

Clients are required to be assessed by the Inglewood Senior Center's Transportation Assessor prior to being able to participate in the Center's Transportation Services. The client must provide a demonstrated need to the Assessor in order to receive Taxi Coupon Books.


In order to qualify for Taxi Coupon Books, a client must be either be 60 years or older with demonstrated need or 18 years or older with proof of disability.

We are aware that the number of Taxi Coupon Books needed by some clients may be greater than what we are able to provide, however we must attempt to accommodate as many clients as possible within the limited availability of the number of Taxi Coupon Books.


Since the Taxi Coupon is a subsidized program, the dollar amount of taxi coupons used on a one-way trip should not exceed $15. If a one-way taxi fare exceeds this amount, the difference must be paid by the client. Taxi Coupon books must be obtained in person each month by the client at the Inglewood Senior Center.

Please keep in mind that Taxi Coupon Books is a subsidized program. Any misuse of the taxi coupons by persons other than the authorized purchaser may result in the purchaser's ineligibility to purchase future taxi coupon books. For the appropriate distribution dates and times of taxi coupon books, please review our monthly newsletter.

Obtain a Coupon Book

If for any reason the client is unable to pick up the taxi coupon book(s) in person, it may be ordered by mail by sending a check or money order (do not send cash) and a self addressed stamped envelope (one first class postage stamp per book ordered).

Make a Reservation

Yellow Cab Company is the only cab company that is under contract with us. To make your reservations call:
  • All Yellow, Phone: 800-900-0033
  • United Independent, Phone: 800-411-0303
  • Yellow Cab, Phone: 888-200-0011


Make your checks or money orders payable to the City of Inglewood and mail it to:
Inglewood Senior Center
One Manchester Boulevard
Inglewood, CA 90301