Administrative Services

About Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Bureau is the support branch of the Inglewood Police Department. We are tasked with operating the following. 
  • Records Division 
  • Background Unit
  • Fiscal Services Unit
  • Personnel / Recruitment Unit
  • Grants / Contracts

Records Division

The Records Division manages all of the associated reports and records required to move cases, paperwork and people through the Criminal Justice System.

Background Unit

The Background Unit is responsible for recruiting and conducting pre-employment investigations of police applicants.  

Fiscal Services Unit

The Fiscal Services Unit handles the Department's Payroll, Purchasing and Accounts Payable Sections. This unit ensures that our employees are paid biweekly, purchases all equipment and services, and pays the vendors that keep the department operating.

Grants / Contracts Unit

The Grants Unit administers and manages federal grants and contracts between City departments/divisions and grantees.  

Personnel / Recruitment Unit

The Personnel manages the personnel files of all Police Department employees. 

Administrative Services Responsibilities

The Administrative Services Bureau is tasked with hiring the department's staff and ensuring they are trained, accurately paid, properly equipped and supported. The Administrative Services Bureau is committed to "Making the Difference," protecting the citizens of this great community.