About the Personnel Section
The Personnel Section, headed by a Lieutenant and Sergeant, who are responsible for recruiting and screening applicants for all job classifications within the department. The section coordinates oral interviews and in some cases testing. Successful candidates then begin the lengthy background process, conducted by investigators within this section. These investigations are designed to assure hiring of only those persons who meet the rigid departmental and P.O.S.T. requirements.

Recruitment is a major activity for the Personnel Section. There are many law enforcement agencies in Southern California, all competing for the same talent. The department is promoted at job fairs. Recruiting materials are constantly under review.

The department has been successful not only in attracting applicants to send through the police academies, but also in hiring lateral transfers from other agencies. These experienced officers require only an orientation to the city and the department and not basic training in police work.

Additional Responsibilities
The section is also responsible for coordinating the selection process for promotions and specialized assignments within the department. The process usually includes an application and interview process. For the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain, there is a formal testing procedure.

This section maintains personnel files for all employees and oversees the annual evaluation process and the random drug testing of all sworn personnel. Police department employees represent over one-third of all full-time city employees.

In addition to all of the above, the Personnel Section is responsible for monitoring compliance with Affirmative Action policies. The department and the city are committed to providing employment opportunity for all qualified applicants.

Contact Information
Contact the Personnel Section at 310-412-5238.