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Inglewood Citation Management Services


ICMS is a leading provider of parking management solutions to governments.  But what separates us from our field of competitors is that we are the only Government-to-Government (G2G) value-added reseller in the US with a 20+ year track record for service delivery, revenue enhancement and innovation.

We know that the public sector is being asked to do more with less every day.  We understand.  We live with the same demands every day.  Give us a call to talk about your parking management challenges.

  • Expertise in navigating and applying public regulations and ordinances that impact parking and violation management, including the California Vehicle Code (CVC)
  • Proven partners with complementary capabilities in violation processing, systems administration, delinquent collections, durable goods manufacture and software customization
  • More than 65 active public sector clients who rely on our services  every single day
Call our Parking Services Customer Service for more information at: 310-412-8732.