What is the City of Inglewood Housing Division’s local preference policy?

The Inglewood Housing Division has local preference which gives priority to serving those families who meet the following criteria:
 - Displaced Preference - Involuntary displaced applicants who have or will be required to vacate housing in Inglewood due to a disaster, federal, state or local government action, Ellis Act or Civil Code Section 798.56(g) or owner/occupancy evictions.
 - Residential Preference - Residents of the City of Inglewood, applicants who work in the city of Inglewood a minimum of 36 hours per week, applicants on the Tenant Based Rental Assistance program or Homeless program.
 - Military Preference - Families of current member of US military including active reserves, families of US veterans, or surviving spouses of US veterans.
 Singles Lack of Preference: Single applicants (1 person household) who are elderly or disabled shall have priority over other singles.

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