Are there any regulations for the display of flags/signs?
Yes. New regulations have been adopted by the City of Inglewood that restricts the display of flags. Any business may display national, state or other governmental flags. Public or nonprofit institutions (Red Cross, Boy Scouts, churches, etc.) may display flags that depict their respective logos.

The American Flag may not be used for advertising purposes. Car dealership and plant nurseries may display other types of flags and/or string pennants or other wind-activated devices may be displayed by any business at any time. A banner (affixed to the wall of a building) may be displayed longer than 30 days at a time, and not more than a total of 45 days in a calendar year.

Realtors may display flags on a property offered for sale, but only when an open house is being conducted. Such flags may not be placed along the street or the properties.

For additional information, please call the Property Maintenance Section at 310-412-5590. (Ordinance 2459 12-13-83; Ordinance 95-26 11-7-95). For additional information please refer to IMC Sections 12-74 (f, g, k) and Section 12-75 (a, f, g, h, i)

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