Why is there an odor while the sprinklers are on?
The City of Inglewood uses reclaimed water to irrigate the green spaces.

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1. Who should I contact to make arrangements to reserve the picnic area?
2. Are there athletic or fitness programs for adults?
3. Can I pay cash when registering for a class?
4. How do I register to take a class at an Inglewood park or recreation center?
5. How do I reserve a meeting room?
6. What are the city's athletic or fitness programs for children?
7. What are some recreation programs for children?
8. What are some code enforcement violations?
9. What happens if a class is cancelled?
10. When does the Parks and Recreation Commission meet?
11. Where do I go to obtain tree root destroyer?
12. Who do I contact to have my tree trimmed?
13. How often are trees trimmed?
14. What is the Tree Master Plan?
15. What does root pruning mean?
16. When a tree is removed, what happens next?
17. Do I have choices on what type of tree is to be planted?
18. How many parks are there in Inglewood?
19. Are unleashed dogs allowed at parks?
20. Where can I find a list of events planned at parks?
21. Why is there an odor while the sprinklers are on?
22. How much does it cost to reserve a meeting room or other facility at an Inglewood Park?