What happens if I don't bring my materials back on time?
Fines are charged on items kept beyond their due date. Due dates are printed on the receipt given to each borrower at the time materials are checked out. Fines are based on the level of the material (Children's or adult) not on the age of the borrower.

If a borrower owes more than $3 in fines and fees, his/her card is invalid. The borrower may not check out materials or use the Internet or study/conference rooms until his/her account is cleared.

The following are fines that may be applied to late items.
- Adult Books and Sound Recordings: $0.20 a Day
- Children's Cooks: $0.10 a Day
- Video Recordings: $2 a Day

The library employs a collection agency for severely delinquent accounts. Call Registration at 310-412-5620. They can assist you.

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