I am a senior in need of services, what do I need to do?
Care Management is a program that provides support and services to frail and disabled seniors and adults. The goal is to put services in place to enable seniors to live as independently as possible, avoiding inappropriate institutionalization. This includes services for caregivers as well as for senior (ages 60 +) caregivers who are caring for a minor child or children.

These services include client intakes and assessments, referrals to needed services which may include medical evaluation, legal assistance, behavior management, transportation and in-home assistance, as well as respite, supportive counseling and support groups for caregivers. The service area is Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lennox and Ladera Heights. For more information, call 310-412-4380

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1. I am a senior in need of services, what do I need to do?
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