My vehicle was impounded, what should I do now?

Vehicles impounded per section 14602.6 of the California Vehicle Code, also referred to as the 30 day impound section, authorizes an officer to impound a vehicle for 30 days when its determined that the driver was operating a vehicle while their driving privilege was suspended or revoked, or without ever having been issued a license. The registered owner of a vehicle impounded under this section may request a post-storage hearing to determine the validity of the impound or to consider mitigating circumstances. 

California Vehicle Code Section 22852 states "Whenever an authorized member of a public agency directs the storage of a vehicle, as permitted by this chapter, or upon the storage of a vehicle as permitted under this section (except as provided in subdivision (f) or (g)), the agency or person directing the storage shall provide the vehicle’s registered and legal owners of record, or their agents, with the opportunity for a post storage hearing to determine the validity of the storage."

If you are the vehicle's registered owner or legal owner of record, and would like to schedule a post storage hearing, please call the Inglewood Police Department Traffic Division at 310-412-5207.

Post-Storage hearings are conducted in-person or by phone, excluding weekends and holidays.

Failure to request or attend a scheduled hearing satisfies the post-storage hearing requirement.

Releases will be available at the Inglewood Police Department Records Division,  Monday – Friday 9 a.m to 6 p.m. Saturday’s from 9 am. – till 12 noon. All towing companies close at 5 pm every day. Anyone requesting a hearing must have proof of insurance, registration and a valid driver’s license.

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