What is a Just Cause Eviction?

A Just Cause Eviction is a Tenant Protection afforded after 12 months of tenancy.  Owners and landlords must comply with the Just Cause parameters outlined in Ordinance No. 20-03 (Sections 8-120 and 8-121).  There are two types of Just Cause Evictions: “At Fault” and “No Fault.”  In the event of a no-fault eviction, relocation assistance is due to the tenant (See Ordinance No. 20-03 – Section 8-123).  

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4. How do I know which rental law governs my residential property type?
5. How do I know which Just Cause Eviction law governs my property type?
6. What notification are owners of exempt properties (i.e. Single Family Homes/Condos, Owner-Occupied Duplexes) required to provide their tenants?
7. What is a Just Cause Eviction?