I have a service person, (construction worker, landscaper, delivery, etc.) visiting my property, where do they park their vehicle?

Service vehicles readily identifiable as emergency or government vehicles are exempt from the residential permit parking regulations. Vehicles readily identifiable as commercial, delivery, service, utility, or construction vehicles (hired by the City), while actually engaged in providing maintenance, repair, or service work to a residence in a program area, are exempt from the parking restrictions. 

Service Person and vehicle for these services is available for up to two hours for vehicles without permits between the hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday through Sunday. However, after two hours, the vehicle may be subject to ticket and/or tow.   Service provider that require more than 2 hours for their service will need to apply for a permit under the visitor permit parking program.    The resident must apply for a visitor permit by visiting the portal and apply for the permit under the specific type of permit needed.


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24. I have a service person, (construction worker, landscaper, delivery, etc.) visiting my property, where do they park their vehicle?
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