How does a property qualify as a Vacation Rental?

The Vacation Rental must be within 1,000 feet of the property line of the owner’s Primary Residence. 

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1. What is a Short Term Rental (STR)?
2. Why does the City of Inglewood regulate Short Term Rentals?
3. What is the difference between Hosted, Unhosted, and Vacation rental?
4. Who can operate a Short Term Rental (STR)?
5. Can my STR property be owned by my business or company?
6. Will I need to obtain a Residential Rental Business Tax Certificate and an STR Permit?
7. What is the STR Application fee?
8. When can I apply for an STR Permit?
9. Can I use my backyard space or any of the curtilage of my dwelling as an STR for parties, gatherings, or events?
10. Does the City of Inglewood have an STR Ordinance?
11. I don’t agree with the denial of my application, can I appeal the decision?
12. What happens if I’m not approved for an STR permit but I have an active STR?
13. Can I transfer my STR permit?
14. How long will it take to obtain my STR permit?
15. How long is my STR permit valid?
16. What properties are eligible for Hosted & Unhosted Short-Term Rentals?
17. How does a property qualify as a Vacation Rental?
18. Why are ADUs ineligible for Short-Term Rentals?
19. How often will I be required to have an STR inspection?
20. I am a tenant. Can I operate an STR in my unit?
21. As part of a hosted STR, can I rent out several rooms separately?
22. Is there an insurance requirement for STRs?
23. Are there City requirements on advertisements with the various platforms?
24. What type of payments are accepted?
25. The STR is in a Permit Parking District, can the Host obtain permits for Guest permit parking?
26. Who can I call with public nuisance complaints related to an STR?
27. What are Transient Occupancy Taxes?
28. What is the definition of transient?
29. I have been operating a Short Term Rental for years. Am I required to pay the TOT for those years? And when is the payment due?
30. How do I know the amount of money I earned for operating an STR?
31. Who Is Responsible for Paying the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)?
32. Has the City Council adopted a permanent ordinance? Where can I review a copy of the ordinance?
33. I wasn’t aware of the TOT requirements, but I have been advertising and renting out my place as a Short Term Rental. What should I do?