What kind of container may I use?
A green 96-gallon cart for green waste. Green waste includes almost anything that comes from the following.
- Garden Trimmings
- Glass
- Green Plants/Weeds
- Leaves
- Sawdust
- Small Wood Scraps
- Tree Limbs
- Wood Chips

A blue 96-gallon cart for recyclables. Recyclable include the following items.
- Aluminum Cans
- Corrugated Cardboard and Boxes
- Detergent Containers
- Junk Mail
- Magazines/Catalogs
- Mixed Papers
- Newspapers
- Phone Books
- Plastic Containers
- Steel/Tin Cans

A black 96-gallon cart for trash. Trash includes household waste that cannot be recycled.

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3. What kind of container may I use?
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