Are the products guaranteed?
The manufacturer will provide warranties to the property owner for doors, windows and other products used to sound insulate the homes.

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1. What is the Residential Sound Insulation Program?
2. How are the noise levels measured?
3. How are the contractors selected?
4. Once construction begins, how long will it take for the work to be completed?
5. Are permits required in order to insulate my home?
6. Is the work guaranteed?
7. Are the products guaranteed?
8. Are there different styles of sound insulation products to choose from?
9. Do I have to be home during construction?
10. Can you accommodate vacation schedules?
11. What should I do about my pets during construction?
12. What precautions should I take to protect my personal property?
13. I have a security alarm system. Will this system be disconnected and reconnected by the city?
14. I have security bars on many of my windows. Will these be taken off and reinstalled?
15. Will the city remove and reinstall window coverings?
16. Will my property be left clean following construction?
17. I have a doggie door in the back door and a mail slot in the front door. Can I keep these features?
18. How am I protected against liability during construction?
19. If I sell my home without having it sound insulated, can the new owner request sound insulation?
20. Will my home be reassessed?