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1. What is a Residential Permit Parking Program?
2. Who decides what areas become permit parking?
3. Who decides what the parking regulations will be?
4. How is the area established for a District?
5. What are the District regulation times?
6. What are the types of permits that I am eligible to purchase?
7. Do we need a parking permit if they want to park on the street?
8. Where can residents park with permits?
9. What information is required to obtain a parking a parking permit?
10. Do I need to pay all outstanding parking citations prior to permit purchase?
11. Where do my guests park?
12. How are permits obtained?
13. How much does a parking permit cost?
14. Why are fees charged for permits?
15. Where must permits be displayed on vehicles?
16. May I opt out of participating in the permit parking district?
17. Can I get a waiver for residential permit parking fees?
18. Does my permit exempt me from street sweeping or other parking regulations?
19. Do I need a permit if I have a disabled persons placard issued by the DMV?
20. Will my permit be valid in other Parking Districts established in the City?
21. Does having a permit guarantee a space?
22. Who do I call when a vehicle is observed parking without a permit?
23. How much will citations cost for parking without a permit?
24. Can a permit be revoked?
25. Can I receive a citation if I forget to display a permit?
26. Can I apply for a residential parking permit online?
27. I lost my permit(s), how do I obtain a replacement permit?
28. My permit was stolen, how do I obtain another one?
29. I have a new vehicle, how do I obtain a replacement permit?
30. I have a vehicle with temporary plates. How do I obtain a permit?
31. I have moved from the Permit District. What happens to my permit(s)?
32. I have a service person, (construction worker, landscaper, delivery, etc.) visiting my property, where do they park their vehicle?
33. My friend/family member/significant other works near my house. Can I lend them my permit?
34. Are residential permit parking zones enforced on holidays?
35. I forgot to display my resident permit/my visitor forgot to display my permit and received a citation. Do I have to pay for it?