What does the hiring process consist of?
  • Apply online at www.joinipd.com.  Applications are screened and you will then receive an email inviting you to one of our test dates.  
  • Written Test consists of Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Vocabulary, Situation Reasoning and Situational Reasoning.  If you pass the written test, you will complete the Physical Agility Test the same day.  
  • Physical Agility Test consists of four exercises: Sit-ups, Push-ups, 1 1/2 mile run and Pull-ups.  The minimum passing score is 282 points of a total maximum score of 565 points.  
  • Pre-Investigative Questionnaire must be completed and turned in before the Oral Interview.  Click here to download. 
  • Oral Interview will evaluate the applicant's interpersonal and problem solving skills.  
  • Background Investigation determines whether an applicant meets the requirements to become a police officer.  The applicant is responsible for gathering all the necessary documents for the background investigation.  The list of documents can be found here
  • Medical Examination and Chief's Interview are the final processes.  

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1. What does the hiring process consist of?
2. I submitted my application, how long until I get a response?
3. What are the test dates?
4. What are the minimum qualifications?
5. What are the physical requirements for police officer?
6. What does the written test consist of?
7. Is the written test a Pellet B?
8. Can I take the Pellet B test or another Police Entry Test and submit that score?
9. What is the passing score for the written test?
10. When will I receive my written score?
11. What if I fail the written test?
12. How many times can I retake the written test if I fail?
13. What does the Physical Agility Test consist of?
14. What if I fail the Physical Agility Test?