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Computer Training Survey

  1. Computer Training Survey

    In an effort to better understand the computer training needs of the City of Inglewood employees, the ITC Department would like you to... More…

Human Resources

  1. Employee Health Plan Survey

    The City of Inglewood is providing this survey to give all employees the opportunity to provide feedback on the health benefits... More…


  1. Extra Patrol Request

    If you would like to request our officers come by your residence, business or neighborhood more often, please complete the form below.

  2. Traffic Enforcement Request

    This form is used to request increased traffic enforcement in a particular area. If you need the police to respond right away to a... More…

  1. Report a Homeless Encampment

    Anyone who is aware of an encampment is encouraged to fill out this form. If the person is exhibiting behavior that is endangering... More…

  2. Vacation Check Request

    If you are leaving your home unattended for an extended period of time, we can send officers periodically to check your residence.


  1. City of Champions Transportation Project

    The City of Inglewood is embarking on a grant-funded transportation project centered on Inglewood residents employed at Los Angeles... More…