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Computer Training Survey

  1. What technology areas interest you?

  2. Word Processing

    - Word Advanced Features
    - Word Documentation
    - Word Images, Shapes and Hyperlinks
    - Word Mail Merge
    - Word Professional Labels
    - Word Tips and Tricks

  3. Spreadsheets

    - Excel Advanced
    - Excel Advanced Features
    - Excel Beginning
    - Excel Charts and Graphs
    - Excel Formulas and Functions
    - Excel Formulas and Functions Advanced
    - Excel IF Functions and Conditional Formatting
    - Excel Intermediate
    - Excel List Database and Tables
    - Excel Macros and Introduction to VBA
    - Excel Performing Calculations with List Advanced
    - Excel Performing Calculations with List Beginning
    - Excel Piot Table Data Crunch
    - Excel Pivot Tables
    - Excel Pivot Tables Advanced
    - Excel Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts

  4. World Wide Web

    - Skype for Business Users

  5. Email

    - Outlook Increasing Productivity

  6. Creating and Publishing Web Documents

    - MS Publisher Flyers and Brochures

  7. Operating Windows 10

    - Windows 10

  8. Crystal Reports

    - Crystal Reports Part One
    - Crystal Reports Part Two

  9. Presentations

    - PowerPoint Slide Layouts and Designs
    - PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
    - PowerPoint Compelling and Engaging Presentations

  10. Organization

    - MS Project Level 1
    - MS Project Level 2
    - OneNote
    - Visio Organizational Charts

  11. Soft Skills

    - Effective Coaching
    - Effective Communications
    - Effective Conflict Management
    - Effective Leadership
    - Listening and Memory Skills
    - Managing E-Mail Effectively
    - Working with Difficult People

  12. Other

    - Smooth Move to Office 2016
    - Adobe Forms
    - SharePoint Site Member
    - SharePoint Site Owner

  13. Please select the most convenient time for you to attend a 3-hour training programs:

  14. Please select the most desirable day for you to attend training programs:

  15. Which of the following would influence you to register for a training program?

  16. Which method of training do you feel would be most effective for your needs:

  17. Leave This Blank: