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Community Needs Survey

  1. Survey Type

    This survey should be completed by residents of Inglewood or on behalf of organizations that work with residents of Inglewood with low- and moderate incomes, special needs, and those experiencing or at risk or experiencing homelessness. Special needs populations include the elderly, those with disabilities including substance addiction, victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, and those struggling with mental illness including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Organizations may include service providers, housing developers, schools, and more.

  2. 1. Are you completing this survey as a resident or on behalf of an organization?
  3. 2. What zip code do you live in?*
  4. 3. What is your age?*
  5. 4. What gender do you identify as? *
  6. 5. Please specify your race.*
  7. 6. Do you identify as hispanic?*
  8. 7. What is your annual household income? *
  9. 9. Do you have reliable internet access at home?*
  10. 10. How prepared do you feel for a natural disaster?*

    Examples of natural disasters include earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis, etc.

  11. Assessment of Fair Housing
  12. 12. Have you ever experienced housing discrimination in obtaining or maintaining housing in Inglewood?*

    Fair housing is a condition in which individuals of similar income levels in the same housing market have like ranges of choices available to them regardless of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, disability, marital status, familial status, or any other arbitrary factor.

  13. 13. Who do you believe discriminated against you?*
  14. 14. On what basis do you believe you were discriminated against?*
  15. 15. Did you report your experience of housing discrimination to a local fair housing service provider or the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing?*
  16. 16. Why did you decide to not report the incident of housing discrimination?*
  17. Organizational information
  18. Feedback

    The next 2 questions will ask you to reflect on the projects have worked well for the City and what should be high priorities in the near term future.

  19. Community Needs Assessment
  20. 22. What is the level of need for the following public facilities in the City?
  21. Senior centers*
  22. Childcare centers*
  23. Parks*
  24. Community centers (inclusive of Youth centers)*
  25. Health care facilities*
  26. Fire stations*
  27. Libraries*
  28. Accessibility improvements*
  29. Homeless facilities*
  30. Facilities for persons with disabilities*
  31. Parking facilities*
  32. Facilities for abused and neglected children*
  33. Facilities for persons with HIV/AIDS*
  34. Facilities equipped with technology*
  35. 23. What is the level of need for the following public infrastructure improvements in the City?
  36. Water/Sewer improvements*
  37. Street/ Alley improvements*
  38. Street lighting*
  39. Sidewalk improvements*
  40. Accessibility improvements*
  41. High-speed internet infrastructure*
  42. 24. What is the level of need for the following public services in the City?
  43. Senior services*
  44. Youth services*
  45. Childcare services*
  46. Transportation services*
  47. Anti-crime programs*
  48. Health care services*
  49. Mental health services*
  50. Legal services*
  51. Services for persons with disabilities*
  52. Services for survivors of domestic violence*
  53. Substance abuse services*
  54. Homeless services*
  55. Services for persons with HIV/AIDS*
  56. Services for abused and neglected children*
  57. Digital literacy services*
  58. Services for survivors of sexual assault*
  59. 25. What is the level of need for the following housing facilities in the City?
  60. Housing for persons with disabilities*
  61. Senior housing*
  62. Single family housing*
  63. Large family housing*
  64. Affordable rental housing*
  65. Transitional and supportive housing*
  66. Accessory Dwelling Units*
  67. Clustered housing with 3+ units compatible with single-family homes*
  68. 26. What is the level of need for the following housing services in the City?
  69. Housing rehabilitation including energy efficient improvements*
  70. Assistance to purchase a home*
  71. Fair housing discrimination services*
  72. Lead-based paint removal*
  73. Code enforcement (e.g. compliance with building, health and safety codes & property appearance)*
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