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IPL Teen Book Reviewers

  1. IPL Teen Book Reviewers

    Wanted: Teen Book Lovers!

    To ensure that everyone benefits from this activity, certain steps must be taken before submission:

    • Teens between the ages of 13 and 19 are eligible to take part in the book review.
    • We accept a broad range of books, including classics, graphic novels, new releases, ebooks and audiobooks.
    • If you require suggestions on what to read, the librarian is always available to assist you.
    • Reviews should be over three full sentences long, excluding generic phrases such as “I really like this book.” 
    • Please inform us if your review contains spoilers.
    • If you submit multiple book reviews in the same series, they will be counted as a single submission.
    • Once your submission is accepted, you can choose to receive either a gift card or two hours of community service for every review of up to 10 submissions.

    The library will only accept submissions that meet all requirements.

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