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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Commemorative Program Book ePayment

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  2. Back Outside Cover - COLOR

    Back Outside Cover - COLOR (MLK2020)

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  4. Full Page - COLOR

    Full Page - COLOR (MLK2020)

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  6. Full Page – B/W

    Full Page – B/W (MLK2020)

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  8. Half Page

    Half Page (MLK2020)

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  10. Quarter Page

    Quarter Page (MLK2020)

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  12. Business Card

    Business Card (MLK2020)

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  14. Patron

    Patron (MLK2020)

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  16. Direct Contribution

    I will not be able to place an ad in the commemorative souvenir booklet. However, please accept my contribution of:

  17. Direct Contribution

    Direct Contribution (MLK2020)

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  19. Direct Contribution

    Direct Contribution (MLK2020)

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  21. Direct Contribution

    Direct Contribution (MLK2020)

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  24. Mail Ad Copy

    If you wish to mail ad copy instead of uploading it, please use the following address: Attn: MLK Committee | Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department | One Manchester Boulevard | Inglewood, CA 90301. For more information please call: (310) 412-8750.

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