Mark Fronterotta

Title: Chief of Police
Phone: 310-412-5200

About Mark Fronterotta

Mark Fronterotta was appointed as the Chief of Police of the Inglewood Police Department on January 23, 2013, after serving as Acting Chief of Police since June 2012. Chief Fronterotta was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts and graduated from Lowell University with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.

Professional Background

He began his law enforcement career in September 1981 and is a 30 year veteran of the Inglewood Police Department. During his tenure as the Commander of the Office of Patrol Services, he directed a restructuring of patrol first responders to focus efforts in specific areas. Under his direction, with the use of new technology and community collaboration, crime has been reduced to rates proportional to those in 1978. Chief Fronterotta has been instrumental in developing police personnel to utilize a concept of directed patrols, specifically addressing quality of life issues, crime prevention, violent crime, and reducing the fear of crime in the City of Inglewood.

Office of Special Operations

Chief Fronterotta has served the majority of his career in the Office of Special Operations. His present performance can be attributed to his experience while serving in gang enforcement, narcotics, vice, and on the metro team. In 2001, following more than a decade of service to the City of Inglewood as a SWAT operator and team leader, Chief Fronterotta was selected as the Department's SWAT Commander. As a Captain, he represented the City of Inglewood on a platform which is comprised of all law enforcement agencies within the South Bay, serving as the Area G Platoon Assistant Commander.

As a Captain

Chief Fronterotta was promoted on August 8, 2008, to the rank of Captain and was assigned to the newly recreated, Office of Special Enforcement where he commanded the Department's Anti-Crime Team, Narcotics Division, Traffic Division, Special Enforcement Officers, Vice/Intelligence and Gang Intelligence Unit. In May 2011, Chief Fronterotta was selected by the South Bay Police Chiefs as the Area G Platoon Commander. Chief Fronterotta directed three strategic deployments, with the assistance of the California Highway Patrol, and significantly reduced crimes associated with gang activity in the community.

Community Relationship

Chief Fronterotta is committed to reducing crime and the fear of crime in our community. He supports a strong relationship with our community in which all of its citizens, including the business community, enjoy a sense of security and safety as they go about their daily lives. 

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