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1. Where can I get information on zoning, planning and development?
2. If I need copies of the zoning map or code, where can I buy them?
3. What is a checklist of project requirements?
4. Do I need an architect or an engineer to prepare plans?
5. Are plans to be in scale?
6. What graphic quality of plans is acceptable to the Planning Division?
7. What kind and size of paper do I use for my plans?
8. Once I have the plans and elevations drawn, where do I submit them?
9. After submitting them to the Planning Division, how long do I wait to get Planning approval?
10. If my plans are not in compliance with code requirements, what steps do I need to do?
11. Once my plans are approved by the Planning Division, where do I go next?
12. Are there any fees to be charged for the review of my plans?