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1. Why do I need a garage?
2. Can I add on a storage room, rumpus room or another accessory structure to my garage?
3. In residential areas, can a carport substitute for a garage?
4. What is the minimum and the maximum width of driveway for a garage in a residential area?
5. Do I need to pave my driveway?
6. Is there a minimum lot size for a residential lot?
7. If I have a big lot, can I split it?
8. How much is the Planning fee for a parcel map?
9. Where do I apply for a parcel map?
10. Can I convert my apartments into condominium units?
11. Who do I contact to find out where my property line is located?
12. What if I have an addition with a separate entry (regular door instead of a sliding glass door) to my house?
13. How do I legalize an existing patio cover or room addition that was not permitted?