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1. Are handicap placards exempted from Residential Parking Permits?
2. Are Residential Parking Permits exempted from street sweeping?
3. Are there extensions on parking citations?
4. Can I park my vehicle in a meter stall after meter hours?
5. Can I pay my parking ticket online
6. Can Residential Parking Permits be used anywhere in the City of Inglewood?
7. Do I have to put money in meters on Holidays?
8. Do I still have to pay the bail amount to contest a parking citation if my vehicle was stolen at time it was issued?
9. How do I obtain a Residential Parking Permit?
10. How many Residential Parking Permits are issued to each household, and do they expire?
11. If I am handicap do I have to pay at the meter?
12. If I am sitting on my vehicle do I have to put money in the meter?
13. What do I need to know regarding parking if I am hosting a party or family gathering?
14. What is the time limit on meters in the downtown area?
15. When a meter is broken can I still park in the stall?
16. When can I contest a parking citation?
17. When do I put money in the meter?
18. Where can I contest my parking citation?
19. Where do I go to pay a Parking Citation?